Picking a Co-Leader that’s right for you

So you got talked into starting a Girl Scout troop for your daughter, or you want to be a leader because you had so much fun in scouts as a child. Now how do you go about finding a good co-leader? Do you pick a friend, a relative, a mom of another child in your new troop?

First remember to check Safetywise. For meetings, two adults for every:

10 Daisy Girl Scouts – 20 Brownie Girl Scouts – 25 Junior Girl Scouts

25 Cadette Girl Scouts – 30 Senior Girl Scouts.

Additional adults: 1 per 5 Daisies, 1 per 8 Brownies, 1 per 10 Juniors, 1 per 12 Cadettes, and 1 per 15 Seniors.

Now that you know how many co-leaders or assisant leaders you need, you will have to pick accordingly. Also decide if you want a co-leader to split duties with you, or an assistant leader to assist with whatever you might need.

I recommend you pick someone good with girls. Yes, that should be obvious, but sometimes it’s the obvious we miss. Someone might be good with their own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, but have a booming voice or overwhelming personality. You definitely want someone you and the girls will both feel comfortable with. You also need someone who will pick up the slack and be eager and willing to assist you. The first volunteer might be tempting, but be cautious who you pick. The one offering to help and discussing how it used to be done when she was a scout, might not be the best choice. Times have changed, and if you aren’t willing to change to accomodate the girls’ interests then you will find yourself with a rapidly dwindling troop.

It’s also important to discuss goals with your potential assistant leader. If you want to focus more on badgework, and she wants to focus more on trips, then you will find yourself running into problems in the future, even potential arguments (Hopefully not infront of the girls). You need someone that you can work with and has similar ideas in mind. While two different outlooks seems like a good idea, what happens when one of you is unhappy with the others ideas, and vice versa?

Take your time finding the co-leader or assistant leader that is right for you AND your troop. There is no hurry, no rush on these matters. And if the idea of splitting responsibilities with another person is too much, ask for parental volunteers. Assign duties. One mom makes phone calls for reminders and what not, another to assign and make sure snack is brought (if you have enough meeting time for snack), another to be in charge of organizing the details for trips and getting parental signatures…you get the idea, I think 😉

So pick responsibly, pick wisely, and pick well!



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