It’s no big secret. I like to crochet. I LOVE to crochet. I’ve got my troops interested in learning how to Knit. Knit? But I don’t knit! I have a wonderful woman who volunteered to teach my girls to knit. I’m so excited!

Meanwhile, My own children want to learn to crochet. They aren’t getting it from me, so I thought I’d look up a few sites for beginning crochet.

The first site I found is at

This has a picture step by step guide to starting a chain and some simple crochet stitches. I know that this will really help my daughters and am sure if the author was asked, she might allow replication for the non profit troop. Or make it an at home assignment where the girls should bring back in a square. (or something;)

I’ll keep you up to date on how my 11 year old does with this project 🙂 If she’s like her mother she’ll be right on the ball and have it done in no time.

 Happy Crocheting!



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