Cheap Crafting Kits

One of my favorite places to find craft kits is Oriental Trading. I really love when they do free shipping when you spend $60. I will combine troops to make purchases so I get free shipping, or I’ll tack it on to one of mine, or my co-leader’s orders.

They offer many items under a dollar a person, and their clearance section is awesome. I like to buy ahead for the following year right after a holiday or season ends. Sometimes you can just look there for an idea and go to the dollar store for supplies to make your very own version of the craft.

Right now they have over 800 items in their overstock catalogue.

For example, here is a very low cost craft: Beaded Tie On Bracelets.

And here is my version 😉

beads and some string or thin yarn. cost maybe 2 bucks.

bracelet 1BraceletBracelet 3

Bracelet 4Bracelet 5Bracelet 6


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  1. kellskorner
    Oct 24, 2007 @ 17:14:47

    So I posted this as is and will have to add in the directions. Darn my woes!

    It’s like crocheting with your fingers. You make a loop and twist it like in Pic 1. Then in Pic 2 you see that you need to reach through the loop and grab yarn/string and pull it through. But not all the way 🙂 You need to tighten it so that it it makes one of those things that looks like a crochet chain. (I am so not clear here but I’m beyond frustrated trying to post this easy easy activity.) You can add beads to it as well. You would slid the bead onto the open end and then form the next loop and another, then the bead will be locked in place. If you make a mistake, you just unwravel the yarn/string to redo a section, or all of it. I’d offer better instructions, but my sister taught me this and she learned it from a friend, so no idea what the proper name is, if there is one 🙂

    We made several of these in just a few minutes. A great easy, cheap, quick project.


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