Easy, quick Halloween crafts

If you are planning a Halloween party with your Girl Scout Troops like I am, you might enjoy some of these fun activities. My co-leader and I gather up printables and make small packets for the girls to work on before the party and at times when we need a chance to set up for the next activity.

We’re making break and bake cookies/brownies the sugar cookie ones. That way there is no fighting over who pours the ingredients or who stirs. For a smaller troop you may enjoy the actual preparation. Then give the girls Halloween decorations to put on top of their cookies maybe gel icing for their initials, use your imagination. We usually let each girl make a row and then we put them on the cookie sheet in order of where they are at the table so when we pull the pan out we’re good to go.  (I can’t wait to share my Mardis Gras King cake recipe with everyone!)

We’re also making brownies this year because we will be packaging up half of what we make to send overseas. Again, the girls can put M&M’s, Sprinkles, or Nuts on top of the brownies for toppings 🙂

Part of our meeting will be devoted to drawing pictures and writing letters for soldiers, and then we will pack up the food in a box to send. Yes, we have a specific person we send to. I’ve tried those ‘lists’ and nothing ever reaches the soldiers. We already have requests for Girl Scout cookies!

I’m not doing this, this year, but you drape a tissue over a golf ball, rubberband it, and use a Sharpie to add two eyes. One of my children did that in kindergarten, came home and demanded tissues and golf balls so she could make them for all of us. Fortunately my husband likes to golf 😉

Change your games to resemble Holiday themes. For example, instead of TV Tag (where you have to call out a tv show before you are tagged out) play Monster Tag. Name a monster before you are tagged out. Or instead of Octopus tag, play Blob tag, or something you make up. One person stands in the center of a rectangular area. There are two lines (can be tapes) to mark ‘safety’ zones. the monster stays in between those lines. The ‘victims’ must run back and forth. If they are caught they become a monster too. Why not change charades to a Halloween theme? Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, etc. Have them make eerie sounds for sounds charades and guess what makes the eerie sound.

I had a special request. I went in to the school to pick up one of my children for a doctor’s appointment and saw several girls from my troop getting ready to go outside with small homemade kites. They were Diamonds cut out and colored from regular 8.5 x 11 paper and attached to string. They even had tails! The kids just ran fast enough to make them fly. One of the girls asked if we could do that at Scouts. Why not, it’s almost costless and they LOVED it!

Use your imagination, I’m sure the kids will love it!



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  2. isaacluna
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 09:15:04

    The Halloween charades? I love that game. I played it one Halloween over at a friends house when I was younger, and it was so much fun! I got candy corn and nobody could figure out what I was! Good times. Thanks for all the great ideas! I’m involved in Girl Scouts and we’re think about throwing a party!


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