Phone chain

We’re busy enough as leaders, add in all those phone calls and forget, we have no time. I get at least two calls prior to a meeting, and I mean when I am eating. “Do we have Scouts tonight?” “Did I miss anything last week?” “Am I supposed to bring something tonight?” Hellooooo I’m eating!! Do I say that? Nope, not me. Why? Because these are my girls, and there is a reason they are calling and not their parents 😉 I can’t be mean to a kid. I just don’t have it in me. Unless they are my own child, but that’s another story ;).

I know it’s part of our job description , but these parents know that I have four kids to feed and get to the scout meetings by myself. So for me it IS frustrating when they call and ask if we have a meeting. That is why I hand out a monthly newsletter. That is why they all have a schedule. It’s WHY I started a website for my troops. I most definitely do not mind if it’s someone who never calls, but last year I had one girl call me every monday night. This isn’t meant to be a rant, but to show you how things can get out of control if you don’t have a plan set up in advance.

Do give out a flyer with dates. If you are up to it, set up a website. (To date I know of only one Scout who even looks at the website. It might have been a waste of my time. See if it’s worthwhile for you to invest the time and energy in the site first. It can become quite time consuming.)

Get a phone list and put someone you can trust in charge of the calls. If you do snack, put one parent in charge of snacks. So they can make the phone call reminder that it’s so and so’s turn to bring in snack, and make sure that snack is brought for each meeting. Now we don’t bring snack. Sometimes I will offer up a snack and sometimes for Birthdays girls will bring in a snack item, but with time so short as it is for a meeting, even the parents agreed it was a waste of time for the trip to wash hands, the eating, the clean up, then back to task.

Have a volunteer to make phone calls to cancel a meeting if you need one. Or if there is a reminder for the girls to bring something specific to the meeting. We dont’ have enough time to make all those calls and prepare for the meeting. Many leaders hold full time jobs in addition to being a Girl Scout Leader.

Delegate, delegate, delegate.

Happy Scouting!



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