Some simple Thanksgiving crafts and links

*edited at the pumpkin pie tarts 🙂 

One of my favorite things for the kids to make is the one where they trace their hand and make their thumb the head and their fingers tail feathers, add wings and feet, and have their turkey.

Then there is the pinecone turkey where you put feathers in the tail end and can use felt and google eyes to make the head, and pipe cleaners or felt for feet.

Some links:  (the leaf prints look like so much fun! Two of my kids have come home with leaf projects. Fall leaves are so beautiful!) (they have a neat handprint wreath. I’ve seen them done before but forgot about it until I saw it here.) (I really can’t recommend this magazine enough LOL)

Let’s not forget kid friends foods for the Holiday 🙂 (those no bake pumpkin tartlets look so delicious!!) I think I’d add a dash of cinnamon on top, and I think you could use mini cupcake wrappers to make bite sized tarts or buy the small frozen tart shells for your party to entertain your guests. Then you can say, “Yes, my children really did make these!” 🙂 *Okay, my girls did help make these. It’s a pudding consistancy. Some of them held up well to eat with fingers, the others needed to be eaten with a spoon. So I suggested making a high crust in the cupcake wrappers or avoiding them altogether. I did double the wrappers, and they looked good. I need to take a picture. 🙂

 Hope you are having fun planning for your Holidays 🙂



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