Usually I take my Scouts caroling. In the past we visited the same nursing home, (we even paraded in our halloween costumes in October) but the woman who use to set up things with me left, and the new person in charged ignored my phone calls last year. And they weren’t voice mail, I left messages with the main desk. So I am now on the lookout for a new nursing home to visit.

You must pick carefully. One year we went to one that had people that tried to eat the decorative ornaments we gave them. It disturbed the kids a lot. So we try to make sure to explain ahead of time that not always will they see a friendly face. Some people might not even know we are there. And we ask ahead of time who we may share our gifts with. One year we handed out bookmarks. Another year we’d made decorated snowflakes, another year we’d handed out candy, and there was decorative scented disaster year 🙂

The trick is to find a nursing home or rehabilitaion center in the area that would welcome Girl Scouts and will work with you.

We have a list of songs that we were allowed to sing, and then for a select group, they let us sing Christmas songs. This year not all my girls celebrate Christmas, so it will be interested to see what crafts I can cook up. I can’t wait, I love when the girls learn about things that are not the norm for them but are for others 🙂



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