Golden Link Ceremony

The Golden Link Investiture is a really fun ceremony our troop has done a few times over the years.

I didn’t get it from this site, but it’s the first one that popped up when I googled. (I keep hard copies of my ceremonies for easy reference, but that doesn’t help me when I want to show you it 😉 )


11 “links” cut out of gold paper – (print out the below 11 reading parts and glue them onto the back of the strips. These will serve as scripts as well as links) Stapler The words of the GS Promise for new girls to read from (cut section off new GS registration form) Optional ending – replace one of the gold links with a candle and matches

What we do is have the color guard bring in the flags, we do the Pledge, the promise and the Law. My Co-leader and I take turns reading the narrator part.

At the end my co-leader and I say a little something fancier, and we light our candle as we make our pledge.

I’d actually never seen the investiture part with the crown, so I’m glad I discussed this today and looked for the link! This is a fun, simple ceremony that the girls love.



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