Community Service

I contacted a local nursing home. (The one I gave up on because of their lack of returning phone calls – to learn that there’d been a break in between having a head of recreation. The one I was used to working with had left, which I’d known, but she hadn’t been replaced until this year.)

So… now, not only are we going to sing winter songs, but they invited us to their winter show, and asked if we’d be interested in visiting for valentine’s day and easter. I said absolutely. (We already plan to return to our visits at Halloween and December again.) And I discussed some new programs they will be offering their residents and we might find a way to work on our silver award 🙂

I can’t wait to tell the girls at our meeting.

Sometimes all it takes is one phone call, and suddenly you have a LOT of community service and projects to work on to help others in your community.

Make those phone calls 😉



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