Girl Scouts has the new CEO. They add a new level to girl scouts so that now you are in each level for 2 years. (Personally, I think this cheats the Daisies. They cannot rain funds or take trips, etc because they are considered too young, and now they are pushing first graders back into the Daisy category – something I’m not too happy about. Do I want to take 10 five year olds camping? Not really, but they would definitely enjoy an outing at the local nature center. Or a trip to the local firehouse. Or a learning trip at the library where they can sign up for library cards if parents are willing.)

I got off track šŸ˜‰ We switched bakers (Because of the merger) and Cookies won’t be sold in January, they will now sell in Feb, BUT we can take orders as early as the end of December? Who wants to order cookies they will wait over a month for? Of course the soldiers we are sponsoring overseas have already made requests….

I hear they are doing away with Studio 2B.

I wonder what other changes the new year will bring.



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