Chinese Knotting

While browsing You Tube for vidoes on Turkish Corchet (Oya), I cam across this gorgeous instructional video for making a dragonfly using knots, two beads, a small piece of nylon cording, scissors, and a lighter.

I went to the Chinese Knotting .org website to find out more information on this technique. I learned that

“Chinese knots are, for the most part, two cord lanyard type arrangements where 2 cords enter from the top of the knot and 2 cords leave from the bottom. The knots are usually double-layered and symmetrical.”

And they offer this cool blog called Knotty Notions where they have instructional photos and links.

There is another great blog as well, IWOM, where they show you how to do Chinese Knotting.

And for those who love jewelry making as much as I do, Satin Cord has simple tutorials for knotting with jewelry.

I’m not suggestiong you allow the Girl Scouts to use the lighter when making the dragonflies or other knot creations, but I think you know the ability level of your scouts better than anyone else and can determine which parts of the activity are appropriate for them. I am going to suggest the dragonfly craft to my Cadets and Juniors to see which troops are interested, but I am not offering it to my Brownies. I believe they would quickly grow tired of the knots, and it is not fair to those who are not as dexterous as the others to do an activity such as this.


Intrigued by Chinese Knotting, I started to browse for other good sites and found this one: Knotting Artist. This site includes the history of Knotting and some beautiful work.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Tse
    Jan 13, 2009 @ 19:28:58

    Hi, I love Chinese Knotting too! Please visit my website at : to learn some cute knotted animals!


  2. kellskorner
    Jan 14, 2009 @ 08:51:36

    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving that link to your site.
    The Turtle is so cute!
    Sarah also has some history of Chinese Knotting her site as well.


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