Worry Dolls

Option #1

I remember when my mother gave me my first set of these. I was always a worrier -still am. I do not have them any longer because one of my children had developed a fascination for them and took them, lost them. I can’t be mad, but can’t replace them either. My mother died in 2000.

Family Fun has some great info on making Worry Dolls! Their directions are clear and seem easy enough. The materials are not too difficult to obtain. I bet my girls would love to make these themselves!

In Guatemala, kids tell their troubles to worry dolls- tiny figures that they tuck under their pillows at night. Take this tradition worldwide with a multicultural collection of clothespin dolls.

My worry dolls had been more like half the size of toothpicks, but these are great for little hands to hold.

Girl Scout Worry Dolls at ChildFun.com. I really like this idea. They would make a great swap item if they could be made relatively quickly and cheaply. I wonder if I play with it a bit, and use those mini clothespins…..

I like this! 21st Century Mom had a unique way of making them, and the site is great.

Happy Crafting!



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