Worry Dolls

Option #1

I remember when my mother gave me my first set of these. I was always a worrier -still am. I do not have them any longer because one of my children had developed a fascination for them and took them, lost them. I can’t be mad, but can’t replace them either. My mother died in 2000.

Family Fun has some great info on making Worry Dolls! Their directions are clear and seem easy enough. The materials are not too difficult to obtain. I bet my girls would love to make these themselves!

In Guatemala, kids tell their troubles to worry dolls- tiny figures that they tuck under their pillows at night. Take this tradition worldwide with a multicultural collection of clothespin dolls.

My worry dolls had been more like half the size of toothpicks, but these are great for little hands to hold.

Girl Scout Worry Dolls at ChildFun.com. I really like this idea. They would make a great swap item if they could be made relatively quickly and cheaply. I wonder if I play with it a bit, and use those mini clothespins…..

I like this! 21st Century Mom had a unique way of making them, and the site is great.

Happy Crafting!



More Girl Scout SWAPS

Making Friends has a very nice page of the history of SWAPS.

“Girl Scout S.W.A.P.S.
Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere or Share With A Pal”

They give an explanation of how this came from Native American Indians. This story they posted is not something I am familiar with, so I thought I’d post the link to Making Friends and you can visit them for their history.

Links to ideas for SWAPS:




and a yahoo group for SWAP discussion


Crochet Vday Envelopes

81111ada1This is a cute project that I found on the Lion Brand Website. They offer this in their Free Crochet Patterns. It is part of their By Kids for Kids program. How cute to have them make one for mom or grandmom or even for themselves! Now to teach them all how to crochet. I am thinking that this would be better suited for my Juniors and Cadettes, although we could try it with the Brownies. They would just need more assistance.

I should add that their membership is free and you can subscribe for a free newsletter with patterns and advice.


Plastic Bag Pom Poms

I was browsing the internet, not even looking for Pom Poms, and guess what I found? Creature Comforts has a link on using plastic bags instead of yarn to make pom poms. Now I’m wondering what else we can make pom poms out of. I think I will ask the girls at our meeting tonight to see how many different materials can make pom poms 🙂


Marble Paper from Shaving Cream

A friend gave me this link and I fell in love with the project. I’m going to have to try it at our next Scout meeting!

Basically you spray shaving cream on a metal tray with an area larger than your paper. They mention card stock. With my husband in printing, I’ll just have to make a request for him to get me some super cheap paper, or ask his boss to donate enough sheets for my troop to use for the project. I love to ask people for donations. The more supplies I can get donated, the more money we have for trips! And badges 😉

Back to the shaving cream… Make it 1/2 inch thick and use something to spread it out evenly – remember the area needs to be larger than your card. (How much fun is this already!)

Put 8-10 drops of food coloring, scatter across the shaving cream. Use a toothpick to swirl the food coloring into the paint. Press the card on the shaving cream. Peel the card off and lay it flat on a clean area of the tray. Use something to spread off the shaving cream, but leaving the color behind.  😉

Allow to dry, but watch for curling. You may need to press it flat if it starts to curl. You might be able to make two cards with the shaving cream and food coloring.

PLEASE remember that food coloring stains EVERYTHING! And clean up immediately, wiping off whatever you used to spread the shaving cream and food coloring 😉 AND PLEASE check out the link. That site had easy step by step pictures to teach you how to do this!

Happy Crafting!!